Design means looking for answers

At work, we follow the thought of Ansel Adams: “Wisdom gathered over the years has taught me that every experience is a form of searching.” That is why we are looking for a new, individual solution for every interior.

Let’s talk about it


GO design is a design studio, specializing in the arrangement of public interiors and perfectly familiar with the requirements related to them, we provide comprehensive order service: from idea, through to design with details, to the supervision over implementation
When designing, we are guided by the idea of creating human-friendly places that combine a unique atmosphere, modern design, high functionality and increase comfort and efficiency of use.
Public space must be both comfortable for its users and aesthetic, be a showcase of a company, complement its image and at the same time not pose a great challenge for law enforcement. It’s a frame that needs to be filled with imagination.
In today’s office it is not about arranging space, but about what we do with time and how the space supports its use.


The studio cooperates with industry designers with many years of professional experience and specialists in studies related to the implementation of investments. Together, we manage to achieve our goal, which is to create a design that meets customer expectations. We have many years of experience, thanks to which we do our work efficiently, quickly and precisely. We offer a full range of design services related to changing a company’s headquarters as well as rearranging, optimizing and upgrading designs for offices already in use.
We ensure that the required opinions, arrangements and checks of design solutions are obtained in the scope resulting from the provisions necessary to obtain a building permit. 

Space for imagination

We start cooperation by analyzing the functionality of an organization, its business model and real needs. Old office models cease to function, work styles are evolving, new strategies are established for the creation of work environment, and that is what we do.

Designing an office ideal for employees is a process consisting of:

  • work environment analysis,
  • space-planning,
  • interior design styles (design),
  • executive designs,
  • cost analysis,
  • author’s supervision.

We carry out all these stages, sticking to the key principles of cooperation: openness to the customer’s needs and expectations, flexibility and meeting deadlines.

We encourage you to make an appointment, during which we will establish what kind of space we can help you create.

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